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  Public Ticket #1128259
Themelovin Social Icons


  • Steve started the conversation

    Hi - 

    I'm trying to place black & white (as opposed to color) social media icons as a widget in the footer of my site. Where can I adjust the look & color of my social media icons (via Themelovin Social widget) .


  •  28
    Mr. Themelovin replied
    Hi Steve, to change the background of the icon, you can edit styles/extra.css from line 219 or you can add this CSS custom code:
    .oslo-widget-social a.behance {
    	background: #1769ff;
    .oslo-widget-social a.dribbble {
    	background: #ea4c89;
    .oslo-widget-social a.facebook {
    	background: #3B5998;
    .oslo-widget-social a.flickr {
    	background: #0063dc;
    .oslo-widget-social a.foursquare {
    	background: #F94877;
    .oslo-widget-social a.git {
    	background: #0f0d0e;
    .oslo-widget-social a.google {
    	background: #C63D2D;
    .oslo-widget-social a.instagram {
    	background: #4E433C;
    .oslo-widget-social a.linkedin {
    	background: #4875B4;
    .oslo-widget-social a.pinterest {
    	background: #C9232D;
    .oslo-widget-social a.skype {
    	background: #00aff0;
    .oslo-widget-social a.soundcloud {
    	background: #ff3300;
    .oslo-widget-social a.rss {
    	background: #FF6600;
    .oslo-widget-social a.tumblr {
    	background: #2B4964;
    .oslo-widget-social a.twitter {
    	background: #33CCFF;
    .oslo-widget-social a.vimeo {
    	background: #86B32D;
    .oslo-widget-social a.youtube {
    	background: #CD201F;
    To change the color of the icon, you can add this CSS custom code:
    .oslo-widget-social a, .oslo-widget-social a:hover {
        color: #292929 !important;
    Regards, Themelovin