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  Public Ticket #1297486
Clickable Image


  • Richard started the conversation


    I was wondering if it is possible to make the images clickable just like the text in the image.

    I think it is very confusing for mobile users, that they click the image, a text shows up and probably don't know that they have to click again to continue.

  •  30
    Mr. Themelovin replied

    Hi Richard,

    we understand your request, but as you can check on any portfolio item there're 2 different links, the first one to open the single portfolio and the second one to open the category page. To achieve your request you've to edit the theme deeply, below you can find some advices.

    To change this behavior you've to edit loop-selected-caption.php removing the category and title links and then you need to edit the css changing the .thmlvSelectedCaption sizes to fit the browser dimensions.