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  Public Ticket #1433125


  • Jordy started the conversation

    I have a question regarding the video's on the homepage. If you hover over one of them and then onto the next one they will all still play. Is it possible to hover back to the first one so it's starts again instead of keep playing?

    Also when I am hovering over different items the placeholder is visible when I change between names. Like there is some space between the names so the placeholder appear. Is it possible to change between the names without seeing the placeholder?

    Great theme, we love it <3

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    Mr. Themelovin replied

    Hi Jordy, thanks for your purchase

    1)  Unfortunately this is a customization work, to achieve this goal we've to code a solution dedicated to you

    2) We suggest you to take a look to jquery.themelovin.js file, on line 191 and 198 you've to switch between a mouseover / mouseout event to a click one.


  • Jordy replied

    Do you know what kind of code I need to add then? I suppose this is a bug and this is not what it should be. It's also visible in the Oslo template itself. It should get back to the menu state instead of a cross when going back to a page.