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  Public Ticket #1454890
Logo size + Google Map


  • Pol started the conversation

    Two things:

    1. Can I modify de logo size? (the one showed at homepage on the upper-left side)
    Please, show me some kind of code as example and where I must put it (I'm not an expert on programming... I assume that this would be solved with some kind of CSS stuff, but I dunno how).

    2. My map does not show on CONTACT page. Why? 
    The template field only says "Add your street address" so I put "Carrer del Vendrell, 13, 08560 Manlleu, Barcelona", just as show on Google Maps (https://goo.gl/maps/uBbhU7FbePQ2)
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Pol replied

    Issue 2 (map) solved with Google Maps API key.