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  Public Ticket #1474665
"Blog Medium"


  • Marco started the conversation

    Hello Themelovin

    I have some questions i hope you can answer or guide me in the right direction :)

    On the page "blog medium" would the following be possible?

    1. Multiple featured images as slideshow or with video options? ex. i have tried these two plugins but i can see the theme overwrites them. 



    2. A option to go to top/latest/first post?

    3. on the first/latest post. Would the black overlay with the title be able to enable?

    4. On the last/end post would it be possible to reveal inputted data from visual composer? Ex. archive post list / display

    Last, where would i be able to change the text  on "comment this post -->" in class="dopeMediumCommentLink"

    Let me know if you need more info.


  •  30
    Mr. Themelovin replied

    Hi Marco,

    thanks for your purchase

    1) Are you using these plugin to override the featured images for post or custom post type? 

    2) Thanks for your suggestion, currently this function isn't included, we will evaluate your suggestion for the future.

    3) I'm sorry, but I don't understand your needed.

    4) Please, coult you explain it a bit more?