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  Public Ticket #1545261
Demo installation


  • Hemanth started the conversation

    I want to know how to install demo content

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    Mr. Themelovin replied

    Hello Hemanth,
    you can find the instructions in the documentation file (folder help), chapter 1.4 Demo content import.


    1.4 Demo content import

    The theme comes with a .xml file containing demo content you can import into your WordPress site. This will help you get started, in case you are running on a fresh WordPress installation with no content at all. To upload the demo content navigate to Tools > Import, click on “WordPress” link (if the Importer plugin is not installed, install it now). Select the .xml file located in the archive which you have downloaded from ThemeForest and click “Upload file and import” button. Your are done!

    In many cases just importing the dummy .xml will not work since you will also have to make some manual configurations (for example Menus, Post Formats, Reading Settings...). Please go through this documentation to fully understand how the theme works in order to customize it to fit your needs.

    For information regarding the WordPress Importer, consult the WordPress Codex.